Fine Artist, Dionne White is a Contemporary Inspirational and Prophetic Painter, known for her signature trait of using fine gold paint in her work. She loves to create in watercolor, acrylic, and ink as well as integrating other elements to produce mixed media works. Dionne is drawn to paint and create works of art in the subject of florals, landscapes, coastal elements, and even abstracts that may reach to a deeper place in us spiritually. Her intention is to create work that evokes a sense of joy and peace, speaking fullness of life to your soul, releasing a message that awakens your spirit and deposits hope. Because of this she is interested in the beauty and intricacies of nature and how they connect the human spirit with our Creator God, Yahweh. Her work is inspirational and prophetic in nature but often representational in style. 

Dionne's intuitive process incorporates the ancient Japanese Art of Kintsugi, meaning "the mending of brokenness". The Japanese believe in repairing the broken vessel and finishing it with gold. Restoring the broken area and making it a new creation, not disguising the break but adorning it with gold, giving it new life, worth, and beauty.  This Kintsugi approach to art making is a prophetic representation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the resurrection power of the cross through the transforming works of the Holy Spirit. 

"Through my work, I desire to share this hope of healing and spiritual wholeness."  ~Dionne

Mending a "broken" leaf with fine gold acrylic paint.

Kintsugi painting by Dionne White

Kintsugi- Healed and sealed with fine gold, adding to the history and beauty of the leaf's character.

Original Art by Dionne

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the A.C.T. ONE Curriculum

Awake ~ Create ~ Transform!

Where Spirit & Art Converge.

First in my Artist Equipping Series. The Art of Freedom Book

Creative Companion

A Creative & Spiritual Curriculum to help you become an

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This 5 week biblically based curriculum will guide you through a journey of understanding your artist identity, learning what it means to be a kingdom artist of purpose, equip you with teaching on how to cultivate and steward inspiration, strengthen your connection with God through journaling and meditative prayer,  understand divine work "flow", exercise vision board techniques, and how to "paint the promise"; bringing your inspiration to manifestation. Awake~Create~Transform! was birthed out of my own personal creative journey, finding peace & healing  with art, where I learned how to become a Kingdom Artist of purpose. I have no doubt that you too will experience Creative Spiritual Transformation © 

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"You have to see it, take it in, and then paint it the way you experience it.

This is what makes you and your art unique to your individual design.

It's your interpretation."  

                                        ~ Dionne 

Kintsugi Art by Dionne White South Carolina Kintsugi Artist, Clemson Art, Poppy floral art
Kintsugi Art by Dionne White South Carolina Kintsugi Artist, Poppy Art, Clemson Art

"You're not alone" 

Clemson University Tigers Together

36" x 36" Acrylic/Ink On Gallery Canvas 

50% of the sale of this work goes to AFSP 

"It is my mission to blaze a path to peace for people through creativity, scripture and the voice of God". 


~ Dionne

Mini Masterpiece

"Follow the Light" 

Acrylic on Canvas


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