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Artist Bio


Dionne is an NE Ohio native that grew up on the shores of Lake Erie. She is primarily a self taught studio artist and instructor. She and her husband Will and two adult children recently relocated to the Waco, Texas area after being residents in South Carolina since 2006.


Dionne was born a creative and was drawn to the fine arts from an early age. She is a daughter to an Italian Father, who is a retired attorney and has an endless thirst for knowledge, justice, and history.  Her Slovak Mother was a natural creative and was a gifted pianist that played by ear from the early age of four. Her parents kept her exposed to art and culture in the way of music, visual art, theatre and culinary all of her life. Dionne attributes her deep love for the arts to her mother who fostered it in the home and in her as a maturing girl with big dreams.

Some of her first loves include works of Monet and Van Gogh. At the age of sixteen, she completed a recreation of Monet's "Waterloo Bridge-London" and was in love with impressionism from then on. You can still see the influence of these great impressionists in her work today. 


As a teen, Dionne spent countless hours in her art class in high school and studied under professional watercolorist Gayle Dennington Anderson in Ashtabula Ohio and has been painting with water-media ever since. Along with visual art, Dionne enjoyed fashion and design. She was encouraged by several teachers to follow the path of an art career. Her deepest desire was to go to the Art Institute of Chicago but she took a different path due to circumstances in life at that time. Her new life and career path didn't leave much time for personal creativity. Years later she tried to return to school at Elgin Community College in Elgin, Illinois for art and design. 


Being a creative, from her teens, Dionne often retreated to creating as a means of "therapy" and a place escape but she had laid down her brushes for over a decade while raising her two children, being involved in ministry with her husband and then fell ill to chronic physical and mental health challenges.


Longing to paint again despite the physical pain, fatigue and loss of purpose, Dionne pushed through and began small. She started with projects that didn’t take a lot of time or effort, but the important thing was that she started. I guess you could say that she was drawn back to the "drawing board". 


“There was this void inside that was not being fulfilled because I wasn’t using my creative gifts in the way that I was meant to.” says Dionne.


She intentionally picked up her paint brushes again in 2015 seeking peace of mind, healing, and spiritual wholeness. Dionne knew she had to go back to her roots to find fulfillment and purpose. As she held onto hope, she connected once again to one of her first loves besides Jesus, painting. A new start with restored hope, and as her creative journey once again commenced she began to see positive changes in her spirit, soul, and body. She began to find fulliment and purpose again.


She believes strongly in practicing art as a "creative therapy" for whole-person wellness and transformation. Painting is not a hobby or recreational past time for Dionne, it is a necessity. 


Dionne explains,

"It is in this place of “creative therapy” that we can experience peace of mind, fulfillment of purpose and mental clarity. Technically you become so engrossed in what you are doing you are operating on a level and in a 'flow' that can bring spirit, mind and body wellness. Resulting in what I call “Creative Transformation”. 

I have been practicing this personally for many years now and it has proved to be true time and time again. I know that art was an avenue to an abundance of healing in my life –mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe that creating and accomplishing things can do wonders for us! We just need to take the time to do it!


Dionne creates works of all sizes giving them her signature finishing touch with fine iridescent gold paint with the kintgusi technique. She is selling and showing her work around the United States by way of the internet, artisan markets, physical and online juried shows. Dionne is an award winning and published artist. In 2016 she was chosen and published in North Light Books “Incite 4” Best of mixed media for an encaustic/watercolor series. She has won best in show for her acrylic on canvas work "Atonement"  with Camelback Gallery in Arizona. Dionne has shown work in Chicago, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Dionne has partnered with and donated art to local charities and organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate SC and Anderson SC Pregnancy Care.



Dionne is producing new work continually in the way of vibrant contemporary florals, landscapes, seascapes, still life, botanicals and even some abstract works.  In addition to studio work Dionne has painted live during worship services at Glory City Church Atlanta. She prefers studio or classroom painting and instruction as she does not consider herself much of a "performance artist" and has always felt a little apprehensive of painting in front of others unless she is teaching. 


Whether it is a decorative piece or a specific inspirational prophetic piece her works will always carry a message of redemption, life, peace, healing, hope and joy. It is her aim to bring the inspiration and beauty of God's creation to a broken and hurting world giving it the life and hope it needs. 


Dionne often shares her own story and personal experience of healing with art, mental health and creative spiritual transformation to groups in speaking engagements and art talks. 

She enjoys spending time in local nature, reading, writing, creating and retreating to the coast of South Carolina from time to time. This is where Dionne hits pause and reflects in order to become refreshed and recharged in her spirit and soul. The coast is a deep place of inspiration for her and that goes back to her roots of growing up on the shores of Lake Erie. Now that she has relocated to the Waco area she is excited to see what new inspirations await her and how she can contribute positively to the region and creative community!


Along with painting, Dionne loves to help others develop creatively and spiritually. She has a passion to unlock and release the creative and spiritual gifts within others and understands what this takes from her own personal experiences. 

“The spiritual and creative go hand in hand. We need the Holy Spirit to thrive in our creative gifts.” says Dionne

She was given a few mandates and instructions by the Lord in her season of re-emerging as an artist and spiritual creative coach.

1.  Blaze a path to peace for others  

2. Recognize the pain but paint the Promise  and teach others to do the same. 

3. Mend them with gold.

4. Make creative disciples for Christ!

These remain as a plumb line for her creative and spiritual path.


Dionne is the founder of Mini Masterpiece Monday Painting Classes, Creative Conversations with Dionne White podcast, Author of The Art of Freedom and Creator of The A.C.T. Curriculum - Awake. Create. Transform. ~ A biblically based creative and intuitive curriculum to help others become artists of purpose for the kingdom of God. 


"Painting is a way of life for me, a healthy and whole life. For me art is not a luxury, it is a calling and a necessity.  I choose to paint for myself , God and others." -Dionne


"Wild for Gold"

Acrylic on Canvas 


"Southern Cotton"

Watercolor, Ink and Acrylic on paper​

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