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He healed my heart through art.

Written by Dionne White Painted August 2015 You can bloom “After the rain” Sitting in front of my easel at my art table, I envisioned a single flower on my canvas. Pink or maybe purple, I thought I would make it. Vibrant, tall and strong it would be with its face pointing upward toward the heavens. As I eyed the blank slate in front of me I pondered “what kind of flower should I make it.” So I searched butterflies and flowers, one of my favorite combinations. I seemed to have been in a season of painting butterflies too. At least the Lord was allowing me to see them in the natural and the spiritual so I painted them. I believe it was a sign of what he was really doing in me. A personal “meta


Today I wanted to share with you something that has been on my mind and felt that I wasn’t the only one thinking or feeling this. I’d like to talk to you a bit about Value verses Volume. And how when our focus is on revenue instead of value and originality we can begin to fall in the trap of mass production, then that turns into people pleasing or performance, which usually stems from a deeper root. It’s a subtle road but it can creep up on us. THE PUSH IS ON The holidays are approaching and this can bring urgency, anxiety, loss of focus or plain old exhaustion. Every artist feels that “pressure” or “push” at this time of the year to produce and to produce in mass quantities. Everywhere



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