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Batching your Art

Batching Your Art. What it is and Why it works to your advantage. Recently I had my first opening at the gallery in the studio. I had several pieces to display but not much for the walls. I had a lot of my mini masterpieces and a few others for the wall. But I really wanted to display a cohesive look and collection for the wall on opening night. I had already been impressed to do more of my poppies but was immediately inspired by my surroundings at the Mill to incorporate those elements into my poppies. So I began with an idea and inspiration then turned it into a collection. They weren’t all the same in look but they were the same in nature and idea, incorporating similar colors, textur

Just Begin....

Just Begin... So many thoughts fill my mind today.  Lately I have felt a heaviness with my art, my visions, dreams and assignments the Lord is calling me to. I hear myself say in my head “HOW DO I DO THIS?” As I seek Him. Or to be even more detailed “How can I possibly do this?!” Then I hear from the Spirit, “you just begin.” Of course He would say that “Just Begin”. If I never begin then I won’t know what I can do or what I can’t do. Why am I doubting myself? Where is my faith in myself and my God? I don’t doubt God, I doubt myself. But I am selling myself short based on the past and not the present or even future. I’m selling myself short from even putting faith in myself and not Just begi

Display My Glory

Written by Dionne White Recently God reminded me “why I paint”. Here on my website I talk about how I live to create and I create to live. Which is entirely true. But there is a deeper purpose as to why I paint and that reason is “to display His glory”! Two years ago when I was doing a great deal of creating but not selling anything, I was discouraged and my focus became off. I was focusing on the lack of sales and took it personally. I was questioning if He had called me to do this creative journey at all. HIS answer was YES I have called you to do this but remember WHY you paint -To display My glory. So the other day He expanded on this, over two years later. A lot Christian artists would



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