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The Power of Journaling and Envisioning!

One of my favorite discoveries in all the years of my Christian walk is how thoroughly the Father knows me. He knows how He created me and who He created me to be. HE knows the plans HE has for me. One of the ways that this has been solidified over and over is through my practice of intimate journaling. Journaling is simply the act of processing of paper. An act of emptying your mind and heart, a place to be still and align your thoughts with the thoughts of your Heavenly Father. It’s not this huge task to accomplish, it’s simply an avenue to empty and explore. No pressure to perform or “get it right”. As I have grown in maturity as a Christian it’s interesting to look back over the years in

When Being Your Own Toughest Critic Can Be A Good Thing

A Creative Business Blog Written by Dionne White Let’s be honest here... We creatives can be our own worst critics. Usually that is a bad thing, being too hard on ourselves. But today I challenge you to look at it from a different perspective. When we are honored to create for another person they are putting their trust in us to deliver what they want and also to get what they pay for. It is said that we artists can be temperamental, emotional and our own worst critic. But I believe that there is one case where this can be a good thing. Let’s put ourselves in our clients shoes. You find an artist who can execute skillfully the work you want done, you also like their style. When you me



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