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What do websites and high end department stores have in common?

Recently I have had several compliments on how beautiful my website is. That it is inviting, pretty, and friendly as well as informative. I’m always updating my website to keep it fresh and contemporary. I was recently asked by another fellow artist, how did I do that? Did I design my site myself? Did I have help designing it? My answer was yes and no. The area I have received help for was mainly on the technical side of things. When it came to the design and layout I have pretty much done that all myself. I have been working on and tweaking my art site since September of 2017 and before that I had a ministry and inspirational site. So I have been working on it for some time. Back in the day

Create for Clarity

Take a “Create for Clarity” Break! Have you ever been so bombarded by things you can’t think straight. What might be a good thing isn’t always the best thing. So yesterday I was feeling a bit “bombarded”. My usual creative time and schedule was interrupted and I was really missing the creation factor in my day. I usually paint or write, or do something that pertains to it five days a week. Yesterday I woke with unrest in my spirit and some clouds in my mind, and they were not the white billowy kind. It wasn’t setting well with me the way the day started. Usually when this happens I rush to my chair with my coffee, bible and journal. But distractions came and it seemed like even the boundarie

Don’t Discount The Power of Small Art

Why working small is a great therapeutic exercise and can administer inner healing as well as be a gateway to accomplishing larger tasks! We can become overwhelmed by so many things in life. This world throws so much at us. Family, social media, church, work, school, government and world events, everyday, it’s literally in our faces. We have to intentionally and carefully choose what to allow in our lives. Otherwise we will be consumed by it all. It is crucial to our peace of mind that we make the best choices possible for ourselves and our families. Crucial! Sometimes those choices may seem "small" but they are crucial. Today I want to talk to you about "The power of creating small". I b

“Your heart will take you farther than your art”

I was resting yesterday afternoon. I had dropped off my painting at the Art Center, had lunch with some wonderful artist friends, and then was hit with a horrible sickening headache. I even feel the hangover effects of it today. So I was home, on the couch, drapes drawn, ice pack in tow. Silence. I was trying to quiet my mind. The events of the day were running through my mind. Along with thoughts of “what’s next” for me, my art, etc. It was then I heard the whisper. “Your Heart will take you farther than your art” Silence... It came again. “Your heart will take you farther than your art” First I thought - “I do say heart, art then business”. This is kind of my motto. Then

Do Not Fear....Technology

Do Not Fear....Technology Written by Dionne White Do you have a Website? Who cringes at the sound of that word? Or maybe you give up before you start and run the opposite way. I was that person. Which one? Both! Hahaha... It made my head hurt to think about technology! As an artist and not a technically inclined person this word intimidated me terribly! I always needed someone to do it for me then I would beat myself up for asking for help. Telling myself ‘you are such an idiot. You didn’t receive that smart gene.’ That is the farthest thing from the truth! Seriously though, who is with me? Websites, apps, videos, technology is hard to understand but not impossible. If I can d

“G is for Gloria and Geraniums”

After working for four hours on my BIG Poppy Painting today. I believe it is done. 🎉 And I have been itching to get my watercolors back out. They are so therapeutic for me. So tonight I decided to paint some geraniums in memory of my mom. Saturday will be 6 months since she went home to be with the Lord. So I thought I would share a thought or two... As I was LAYING DOWN the water and pigment I couldn’t help but notice it looked like TEARS as it POOLED on the paper . I wasn’t crying but memories WASHED over me like waves. Then I would DAB the pooled water with more pigment to leave behind a stain of FRESH color. I would PICK UP color with a paper towel in places where it was too HE



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