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"POP" of New Beginnings

There is a sound that I call the sound of possibility, the sound of anticipation, the sound of something new birthing! That sound is the "POP" of the tightly sealed cellophane that wraps the canvas. A newly opened canvas can be both intimidaitng and exciting. I get excited about the little things. As I am pressing my finger against the tightly sealed plastic, a mix of emotions bubble up. I absolutely love plunging my finger through to wait for and hear the "POP". Sound silly? Maybe, but not to me. This sound means possibility to me. It means progress to me. It means that I have chosen to commit to yet another work. Beginning to end. Because once I break that seal, for me, there is no turning

Expand your Secret Place

I wanted to share with you some ways I incorporate the intimacy with God into all the areas of my life. Today the focus is on physical and mental wellness which affects everything else we put our hands to. First off, our relationship with God is ongoing but we must be intentional at cultivating it. Just as you would a relationship with a friend, spouse or child. What does this look like? Some of you may get a picture of church, others may see yourself on your knees praying, or it may simply be taking a walk and talking with Him. I do all of the above. But as I proceeded to my “yoga” mat (don’t let that fool ya) I continued with what I started in my conversation chair with Him.

Paint, Push Button Phones, and Dandelion Fluff

"Paint, dreams, and dandelion fluff….isn’t that what life is made up of?" Some days it is what keeps me going. I have primarily been an acrylic painter from the age of fifteen. Always having a love for beautiful things, nature and Claude Monet art! You could find me painting on anything and everything, including my personal hand held peach colored push button phone. (That’s a mouthful) With the love of the beach and tropics in my soul, I chose to paint a flamingo with a palm tree on my phone. It simply was too plain for me, functional, but plain. Not to mention that it looked like a design faux pas against the 1970’s orange carpet of my bedroom. I bought that phone myself so I felt I had the



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