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“Let what’s in your heart come out in your art”

Thank God it’s Monday. Yes Monday. A day of new and fresh opportunities. As I prepared for Mini Masterson Monday (I may have to start calling it Triple M. Like Guy Fieri’s Triple D Show 😂) anyways, I sat at my table last night pondering what to paint. I had said June would be beach month but my whole month got started off differently than I had planned. But God has turned it for good once again. So I was wrestling with what to paint. I try to take my followers into consideration. My heart has to be in it though or else I don’t feel the impact of the piece will be there. So I said beach, but my heart says “paint flowers”. I mentioned this to a friend and she said “well then, paint fl

"TAP" to create

It is the first day of summer break and I am sitting at my kitchen island trying to put my schedule together for June and July. This room is currently my kitchen, art studio, dining room, living room and bedroom. Yep my bedroom. I feel like June started without me because of what recently happened here at the "White House". A very large white oak tree fell on our home at 11:30 pm on Memorial Day, waking myself and my children out of a restful sleep. The tree had to be about one hundred and twenty five feet tall, with three trunk bases in one. It was HUGE and it fell on our home. Thankfully we are ok. The house, not so much. I feel as if I have lost weeks of productive studio and business tim



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