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Awake. Create. Cultivate!

Dionne is inspired by Master Artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and is intrigued by the art of  Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Some of her favorite current painters include James Van Patten, Jean-Jacques Pigeon, Jessica Zoob, Leonid Afremov, and Katie Jobling.  Among so many others she admires in her personal and local artist community.


All genres of music play a key part as inspiration for her art as well. From big band jazz, folk to modern Christian worship. Music was a big part of her childhood as she came from a mother who was a naturally gifted pianist who could play thousands of songs by ear in all genres.




As a Contemporary Nature Artist and Inspirational Mixed Media Artist she is drawn to the subject matter of these Great Artists, that display incredible simplicity, and peace. She likes to study nature, inviting paths, as well as forgotten places like towns and buildings 'of yesterday' or a quaint cafe, imagining what could be. She is inspired by natural light, water,  sunrises, sunsets, florals,  and all creatures of nature, capturing not only the image but the feeling and very essence of each subject. Dionne is partial to the low country and coastal area of South Carolina.

Dionne says, "The common and ordinary becomes extraordinary" to her.


"You have to see it, take it in, and then paint it the way you experience it. This is what makes you and your art unique to your individual design. It's your interpretation." says Dionne.



It is in this place of inspiration where connection happens and the art she produces has healing and life giving properties, not only to herself but others that view it, making it a vehicle for whole person wellbeing. Dionne believes strongly that Art and Painting is a powerful vehicle for healing when used therapeutically.

Not exactly the same as 'art therapy' but choosing to intentionally engage with the creating process to bring whole-person wellness, spirit, mind, and body.








Dionne is drawn to water and wide open spaces, whether that be on a mountaintop, rural field or the vast ocean to find inspiration and refreshing for her spirit. She also loves a quaint urban park or cafe to paint in plein air fashion. It is important to Dionne to engage her spirit with her surroundings and her art. Her faith is at the core of everything she does. She has learned to be an observer and listener in many ways,

from deriving her inspiration to executing her paintings or writings.

This is all part of the therapeutic art process. 

She loves helping people awaken to Holy Spirit and connecting that to their gifts and desires, teaching others how to co-create with their Creator and cultivate their gifts, ultimately bringing fulfillment and purpose. 


She says "I love the sunrises on the coast of South Carolina as well as I love the sunsets of the Blue Ridge Mountains and everything between that make-up life and busy cities". 

Therapeutic Art and Whole Person Wellness

Dionne White - Contemporary Nature Artist, Inspirational Mixed Media Artist

Awake. Create. Cultivate!

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