Mini Masterpiece Monday with Dionne White

"Mini Masterpiece Monday" is a free online LIVE instructional painting class,

aired weekly on Mondays at 1pm EST on her Dionne White Art facebook page.


The videos are recorded so you can participate at your convenience if you

miss her live.


Dionne teaches you the step by step process of creating a 4" x 4" mini piece of

canvas art.


Her aim is to

1. Help eliminate the intimidation factor in creating 

2. Help you see with your creative eyes

3. Find your own creative voice by tapping into the intuitive spirit within


"  I choose an inspiration photo, then give you practical and quality teaching to help you create on your own, along with inspirational insight", says Dionne.


Her desire is to help "create a path to peace through creativity", bringing about whole-person wellness, and personal transformation. 


Join her online art community and connect with other creatives all over the world that are on the journey to peace and an abundant quality life.


Experience art in a new way at Dionne White Art; a life-giving, fun, relaxing and encouraging atmosphere. 



What are people saying about "Mini Masterpiece Monday's"?


"You can't visit Dionne White Art long to not be moved by the beauty of her art and her sweet spirit. She not only is gifted in her art but as an instructor as well. I have very much enjoyed her mini masterpiece classes. Her website is truly an experience as she shares from her heart her healing and journey as a gifted artist, learning to co-labor with the Spirit in the creative process. She not only is a gentle-hearted encourager but has been a true inspiration to myself and so many others who have been blessed to connect with her." 

-U. Foote  Michigan



"Beautiful thought and spirit provoking. Easy to see she is connected to God, our higher power who inspires and caresses her hands so to speak as she creates and co-creates elegant works."

-B. Teti   Florida



Mini Masterpiece Monday Live painting class on facebook Dionne White Art

Inspiration from Nature and fellow Creatives

Step by Step Interactive Instruction

A finished Mini Masterpiece


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