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A.C.T. ONE Awake Digital Curriculum

A.C.T. ONE Awake Digital Curriculum


The A.C.T. ONE - AWAKE Course Curriculum


A Spiritual Creative Companion to The Art of Freedom book


This 5 week biblically based curriculum will guide you through a journey of:


  • Understanding your artist identity
  • Learn what it means to be a kingdom artist of purpose
  • Equip you with teaching on how to cultivate and steward inspiration
  • Strengthen your connection with God through journaling and meditative prayer
  • Understand divine work "flow"
  • Exercise vision board techniques 
  • How to "paint the promise"; bringing your inspiration to manifestation


Awake~Create~Transform! was birthed out of my own personal spiritual creative journey where I found found peace, healing & fulfilment with art. It is how I learned to become an Artist of purpose. I have no doubt that you too will experience all these things and more as you journey through your own Creative Spiritual Transformation © 


A.C.T. TWO- Create is scheduled to be released as early as January of 2021

Also coming soon the A.C.T. Coaching Course and Community on FB!

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  • Purchase and Copyright Terms

    ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  For personal use only.

    Awake Create Transform© Curriculum is intellectual property of Dionne White Art. Copying, reproductions, distribution for profit or reprint for mass use of groups is prohibited. Please contact Dionne through the contact page if you are interested in purchased the curriculum for a group and intend to print or redistribute accordingly. Intellectual and Ethical Copyright terms apply. Dionne White Art has the right to penalize or enforce copyright infringement or intellectual plagerism if any of the terms are violated.  ©2020 Awake Create Transform Dionne White Art and divivsion of Painting the Promise Arts.

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