Title "ALIGNMENT" Orginal

Abstract Interpretation of SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017

Acrylic on Canvas

20" x 20"

Original Design and Artwork by Dionne White Art

Price is for original art in a beautiful frame brushed silver/black wood float frame - made in America. Art Price does not include shipping.

ALIGNMENT was created on Aug 21, 2017. The day of The Solar Eclipse when it went over my former home in Anderson, South Carolina.

This piece was intuitively and divinely inspired. The message that lies within it is that NOTHING can block out the Light. Even in “totality” the light still illuminates the darkness and shines around it!

The Holy Spirit highlighted the illuminated ring around the outside of the moon and sun alignment. Which is called “the corona” meaning crown. He spoke these words to me. The True Crown of Light shines in the darkness yet there is one coming that will try to extinguish this Light. It will be a false crown that will want to be king in the land”. I believe this was the first prophetic warning I was given into the coming of the “corona virus” pandemic. A false corona sent to dethrone the King of all the earth. The Co-vid 19 pandemic was an attempt to be king in the land.

The message that was spoke to my heart the morning of co-creating this was about how all things under heaven are at the mercy and sovereignty of God. And for me the Solar Eclipse was not a big deal but God made sure that I saw that it was a very big deal. So much so that day he told me to paint it. He had a prophetic message to deliver. No one seemed to understand at that time.

On that day I painted in a supernaturally accelerated way that was beyond even my understanding. 8 am I started and by 8pm that night with a short dinner break I had finished the piece!

But I knew it was the power of Holy Spirit flowing through me to create this powerful piece that still speaks today.

Today it still speaks of the importance of aligning my life with Him, his thoughts and his Holy Word. We must be obedient in this. We must know that our obedience in a moment of prophetic unction and revelation can usher in His plans and purposes. Even if we do not understand why we are compelled to do them. We must agree and obey.

This simple truth is crucial to my own livelihood for I “do not trust in chariots (or man) but only in God”. “Alignment” has been a powerful prophetic message and a sweet reminder and life line somedays to seek to align with the Most High God.

When I give my art talk on this piece I tell the story in greater detail.

ALIGNMENT is a powerful piece of art that can change atmospheres! Both in your home and your heart.

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