Be Still

Be Still

“Be Still” is a 4” x 4” x 1.5” Acrylic on Canvas. One of my Mini Masterpieces Created LIVE!

A beautiful and peaceful addition to any room. Perfect for a side table, window sill, desk, nightstand or powder room.

Choose to Be Still and experience peace and refreshing with this Might piece of Mini Art.

In a world of chaos we can learn so much from nature if we were to just be still. This Mini Masterpiece was inspired by my artist friend and his eye for beauty, Sergio Gomez. When I saw this photograph I immediately felt a sense of peace and wanted to paint it in my style. Through my eyes.

If this is the piece for you or someone you know, contact me and let’s get the path to peace started!
Shipping is separate from cost listed. All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. And a free mini print of my choice for you.


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