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Mended - 8"x8" Kintsugi Self Portrait - Chicago Art Next Level Show!

Mended - 8"x8" Kintsugi Self Portrait - Chicago Art Next Level Show!


Titled - "Mended"

Original is currently not available for collection purchase.


Fine art giclee prints are available upon request for complete triptych or indivual pieces . Each 8"x8" image prints on high quality textured fine art paper for $50 each plus shipping.

Total size of piece is 12" x 12" with border


8” x 8” Self Portrait triptych on mat board.

I was given the opportunity to participate in Sergio Gomez’s Self-Portrait Show in Chicago. Hosted by Art Next Level. Curator Sergio Gomez, MBA. The show was held at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago Illinois at the Zhou B Art Center.


Requirements: the work could be a single or up to three panels. Each panel had to be 8” x 8”. If done in a diptych or triptych they would have to hang vertically. The Self-portraits could be any medium and any style.I chose to create my portrait In Kintsugi style. Using gold to heal and seal. Looking to the promise of wholeness. Hope in the midst of brokenness is the message here.I chose a floral to depict myself at this time. A magnolia. Beginning with An explosion of New Birth, a closed bloom with promise and life.

In the second panel you see the void, loss of color and life but the healing has begun. The second bloom has matured but has been broken, tarnished and worn down from trials and circumstances of life.

In life it’s inevitable not to be affected by the things around us and we sometimes take on the character of that trial or struggle. At one point in my life I was the product of emotional and physical pain with loss of purpose and self worth, but I was also a child of promise. Here you can see through the layers of the petals- Transparent and vulnerable but still having an authentic heart, longing to live again. Longing to thrive again.

The promise is the healing then the sealing with gold.

The third panel is a bloom healed and made whole, full of color and life. But also with some areas showing the process of physical death. As well as signifying we must die to ourselves to truly live. The broken areas are evident to see because of the gold that is applied in the Kintsugi Method,  repairing it and and sealing it. Materials used here are mat board, clear gesso, acrylic paint, pallet knife and fluid acrylic fine metallic gold pigment.

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