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Today I wanted to share with you something that has been on my mind and felt that I wasn’t the only one thinking or feeling this. I’d like to talk to you a bit about Value verses Volume. And how when our focus is on revenue instead of value and originality we can begin to fall in the trap of mass production, then that turns into people pleasing or performance, which usually stems from a deeper root. It’s a subtle road but it can creep up on us. THE PUSH IS ON The holidays are approaching and this can bring urgency, anxiety, loss of focus or plain old exhaustion. Every artist feels that “pressure” or “push” at this time of the year to produce and to produce in mass quantities. Everywhere you turn there are craft or art shows. The race is on to produce and buy Christmas gifts. And if you’ve procrastinated then you are definitely feeling that pressure. Pressure without growth is purposeless. Often times we can be under pressure but it never produces good fruit, just frustration. If this is you - nod your head and say amen. I’ve been there done that. But not anymore. It can feel like a merry go round. Always going around and around but never getting anywhere. The ride is fun for a while but the same old scenery, motion and music gets tiring. PEOPLE PLEASING- REVENUE AS THE FOCUS I used to be a “crafter or hobby artist”. Selling at craft shows or church bizarres and I was producing things that I thought people would like. Matter of fact I tried to create everything under the sun in one way or another to appeal to everyone. Trying to “make” money all the while being miserable. I had the skill but not the passion for what I was doing. It wasn’t enjoyable. It wasn’t me. There is nothing wrong with selling your crafts or items at these shows but I want to challenge you to think of it in a little bit different way. VENDORS AND BOOTHS Recently I attended a large craft fair. The vendors ran the gamut. From painters, potters, jewelers, woodworkers, leather goods, to beautiful apparel. As I strolled the aisles it was interesting to see what booth caught my eye. I didn’t have an agenda nor was I shopping for anything in particular. But some booths drew me in because of atmosphere and the composition of the materials displayed. Some things I would have never thought to have caught my eye -DID. I stopped and talked to the different Artisans, asked them some questions about how they came to create and what their story was and complimented them on their work. After leaving that day, I look back and thought about the vendors and booths that made an impression on me. Some so much that it drew me in to their booth and some I even purchased product from. Interesting for what you will pay for at a craft/art show as opposed to what you think of paying for something in a “box store”. It’s a mindset! If you don’t see yourself and your art valuable then more than likely, others won’t either. So what drew me to their booths or art? If it wasn’t a bold statement