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He healed my heart through art.

Written by Dionne White

Painted August 2015

You can bloom “After the rain”

Sitting in front of my easel at my art table, I envisioned a single flower on my canvas. Pink or maybe purple, I thought I would make it. Vibrant, tall and strong it would be with its face pointing upward toward the heavens. As I eyed the blank slate in front of me I pondered “what kind of flower should I make it.” So I searched butterflies and flowers, one of my favorite combinations. I seemed to have been in a season of painting butterflies too. At least the Lord was allowing me to see them in the natural and the spiritual so I painted them. I believe it was a sign of what he was really doing in me. A personal “metamorphosis” if you will. I was in a season of transformation, spiritually and physically. I found an image of a butterfly on a gerbera daisy. The daisy was a beautiful shade of pink, with hints of purple. Very vibrant! I said to myself “that’s the one!” So I poured the colors I would need for the painting onto my pallet and began creating the picture in my mind. I took a pencil to the 12x12 canvas and lightly sketched out where I wanted the flower to be. The painting began to take shape as my brush moved up and down creating the strong, straight stem. It was a luscious apple green color with highlights of where the light would hit it. I moved onto the petals and moved my paintbrush back and forth, carefully placing the petals around the stem. Tracing them with my eyes, looking ahead to see where the next one would go. Placing the shadows underneath and the highlights on top, my brushed bounced around effortlessly. My flower, my vibrant, tall, strong flower had emerged. It had LIFE! At least in my eyes it did. You see at that moment when that daisy emerged and came to life on that canvas I heard the Lord say “You are that flower and you have bloomed after the rain.” My heart fluttered and my spirit lit up. He was right! After all I had been through I was coming out victorious by the power of Christ. I had bloomed again but this time it was different. This time I was stronger, vibrant and standing tall. Just like the flower I created! As I played worship music I began to paint the rest of my creation. I now saw it as a mirror image of the process I had gone through in the current year. Even though my story and struggle g