Display My Glory

December 12, 2017

Written by Dionne White 

Recently God reminded me “why I paint”. Here on my website I talk about how I live to create and I create to live. Which is entirely true. But there is a deeper purpose as to why I paint and that reason is “to display His glory”! Two years ago when I was doing a great deal of creating but not selling anything, I was discouraged and my focus became off. I was focusing on the lack of sales and took it personally. I was questioning if He had called me to do this creative journey at all. HIS answer was YES I have called you to do this but remember WHY you paint -To display My glory. So the other day He expanded on this, over two years later. A lot Christian artists would interpret “display His glory” as painting a spiritual or biblical scene. That is not what He told me. He said by me answering the call to co-create with Him, then I am displaying His glory. That I was His display of glory by doing what He has called me to do despite all I had overcome and been up against. I was not only walking in victory but I WAS His display of glory. I am doing what I have prayed for so long. Lord, use my life to bring you glory in all that I do! Let me be a display of your glory. Now I am seeing the fruit for Seeking Him first and putting the Kingdom ways first. I don’t worry about sales- they come, they are the fruit of the displaying of glory, me saying yes, yielding and abiding in Him. 😊


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