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When Being Your Own Toughest Critic Can Be A Good Thing

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Written by Dionne White 

Let’s be honest here... We creatives can be our own worst critics. Usually that is a bad thing, being too hard on ourselves. But today I challenge you to look at it from a different perspective. When we are honored to create for another person they are putting their trust in us to deliver what they want and also to get what they pay for. It is said that we artists can be temperamental, emotional and our own worst critic. But I believe that there is one case where this can be a good thing. Let’s put ourselves in our clients shoes. You find an artist who can execute skillfully the work you want done, you also like their style. When you meet them and they catch your vision, a connection is made and you are willing to pay the price for it. We will pay for connection. It’s true...when another has something to offer that you need and want you are willing to pay for them and their service. After you come to an agreement on design and price you expect nothing less than honesty and excellence for the work. In the Kingdom we call that integrity. Now you as the artist have the opportunity to create and complete a work with excellence and integrity. From the beginning of the contract, through the co-creation process, to the very end of the business deal of delivery and payment. THIS IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE ARTIST. If they want to be deceived, shortcutted or taken advantage of they can get that in the world. But as Kingdom Creatives this should never be a part of our practice. The art you produce when you are contracted is the essence of who you are and the kingdom you are carrying within you. It will be a creation of their vision and emotion that you have the honor to co-create with Holy Spirit on to execute. They are trusting you with this as well as getting what they pay for. So how do we go about making sure we are holding up Kingdom Standards in our work and business relationships? It’s easy...I keep myself in check all throughout the co-creation process and when I am finished I ask my