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The Power of Journaling and Envisioning!

One of my favorite discoveries in all the years of my Christian walk is how thoroughly the Father knows me. He knows how He created me and who He created me to be. HE knows the plans HE has for me. One of the ways that this has been solidified over and over is through my practice of intimate journaling

Journaling is simply the act of processing of paper. An act of emptying your mind and heart, a place to be still and align your thoughts with the thoughts of your Heavenly Father. It’s not this huge task to accomplish, it’s simply an avenue to empty and explore. No pressure to perform or “get it right”. 

As I have grown in maturity as a Christian it’s interesting to look back over the years in my notebooks, journals. The biggest thing I’ve noticed from the early years of my “prayers” is they have switched from a lot of pleading and striving to thankfulness and trust. I’ve always written in one form or another from the age of twelve, it started with poetry and creative writing. Then when I became a born again Christian I turned to writing my prayers, thoughts, and dreams down. It was a dark time for me in the early to mid nineties and the Lord was my only light. So I got in the habit of talking to Him through pen and paper. Sometimes when you don’t feel like you have a voice or are silenced by another, journaling is the best way to speak up. We have to be able to express what is inside of us or it will eventually cause us to become ill. Whether that be through writing, painting, dancing, singing, teaching etc. The list goes on. We were given a voice for a reason and that was meant to even be creatively. I can testify to what Ray Hughes says, “Impression without expression leads to depression”.