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We have all heard the phrase ‘there is a light at the end of the tunnel’.

Recently on one of my weekend adventures when I was with my kids, we visited an old railroad tunnel that never was finished.

As we proceeded into the empty and dark tunnel you could feel the cold set in, the walls begin to enclose around us, and the light getting farther and farther away. My daughter walked closer to me as I said: “isn’t this cool, to think that men hand chiseled some of this and look how the water running through the mountain has carved space in the rocks.” She did not find it amusing, as she snugged up close to my side. At this point, we had to turn our flashlights on because we were so far from the entrance and the light was dim. Then turning and looking for my son, not much to my surprise, he was lagging behind doing his creative thing. Hahaha.

We continued to walk blindly towards the end, our voices were echoing, it was cold and dark. My