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My Paintings TEACH Me!

As you may already know, I am working on a new fine art design collection. At the beginning of the year I felt I was to go and explore my craft in a new direction from what was my "usual" go to ideas. I have BIG ideas and plans for this and I am confident as I go down this avenue it will only get better with time and practice. 

When I truly decided to give my gift back to the Lord something changed.

First I heard "You giving your gift back to Me means that you are choosing to collaborate and display what My heart desires." 

WOW, I didn't expect that.

Then I heard, "Ok, now that I have taught your heart how to heal through creating with Me it's time to truly share that with others and display my glory."

This was a scary but good thing. Scary because it has caused me to TRUST Him in a new way. Good because it is confirmation on so many levels spiritually and creatively.

I have always prayed 'give me Your eyes to see, Your ears to hear and Your mind to know'. I felt like this step in my art was another way for Him to challenge and answer those prayers. I truly want His desires to be my desires and I want His thoughts to be my thoughts.