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Do Not Fear....Technology

Do Not Fear....Technology Written by Dionne White

Do you have a Website? Who cringes at the sound of that word? Or maybe you give up before you start and run the opposite way. I was that person.

Which one? Both! Hahaha... It made my head hurt to think about technology! As an artist and not a technically inclined person this word intimidated me terribly! I always needed someone to do it for me then I would beat myself up for asking for help. Telling myself ‘you are such an idiot. You didn’t receive that smart gene.’ That is the farthest thing from the truth! Seriously though, who is with me? Websites, apps, videos, technology is hard to understand but not impossible. If I can do it you can do it. It was a desire of mine to be intelligent and understand technology. Same with reading books. I love to read books now but I wasn’t always like that. I struggled terribly in school with reading quickly and being able to comprehend what I was reading. I tried. I really tried! But the words ‘you are not cut out to be an academic’ haunted me. It even hindered my decision in not to go to college. I really wasn’t sure if I was ‘cut out for it’. Artists can be technology inclined! Let me stop right here and say, I am typing this on my iPad. I own three Apple devices. I have an Instagram, Pinterest account and three facebook pages. As well as a Skype account where I meet with other artists all over the world. Here’s the biggie.... I HAVE A WEBSITE! Yep.... ME! You probably followed the link on facebook to my website to read this. I basically established and designed my website on my own with a little help from my son and an SEO specialist. With a lot of prayerful planning and writing, applying and removing it is what it is today, and it is only getting better. I am continually updating it and changing design.

Just Start Somewhere. Just Write!