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Don’t Discount The Power of Small Art

Why working small is a great therapeutic exercise and can administer inner healing as well as be a gateway to accomplishing larger tasks!

We can become overwhelmed by so many things in life. This world throws so much at us.

Family, social media, church, work, school, government and world events, everyday, it’s literally in our faces.

We have to intentionally and carefully choose what to allow in our lives. Otherwise we will be consumed by it all.

It is crucial to our peace of mind that we make the best choices possible for ourselves and our families. Crucial!

Sometimes those choices may seem "small" but they are crucial.

Today I want to talk to you about "The power of creating small". I believe as an artist, hobbyist or professional, it is good and productive to our mental health to retreat to small work from time to time. Most times because of increased production people farm these tasks out. I actually enjoy them and do them on purpose.

Close up, small focused work has been proven over time as a successful therapeutic practice. Whether it is repetitive in nature or not, the point is the focus. When coupled with repetitive motions of painting, sewing, knitting, bouncing a ball, playing an instrument or even icing and decorating a cake for example, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms and quiets that "fight or flight" response and doing it upclose and focused compounds the therapeutic results.