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Paint, Push Button Phones, and Dandelion Fluff

"Paint, dreams, and dandelion fluff….isn’t that what life is made up of?"

Some days it is what keeps me going.

Dionne White Blog Dreams and Dandelion fluff

I have primarily been an acrylic painter from the age of fifteen. Always having a love for beautiful things, nature and Claude Monet art!

You could find me painting on anything and everything, including my personal hand held peach colored push button phone. (That’s a mouthful)

With the love of the beach and tropics in my soul, I chose to paint a flamingo with a palm tree on my phone. It simply was too plain for me, functional, but plain. Not to mention that it looked like a design faux pas against the 1970’s orange carpet of my bedroom.

I bought that phone myself so I felt I had the liberty to paint on it.

(I wish I still had that phone for the fun of it) 

When my mother saw it she just smiled and gjggled. She always would remark how talented I was or how clever I was. In her heart she was elated with my artistic gift but I know the practical side of her probably didn’t like me painting on certain things. 

We were taught to take care of our belongings and if it was broke, fix it. So I think a small part of her thought “we don’t paint on phones”. LOL. Sounds silly I know, but she never discouraged my artistic gift. 

I have to say talking on a decoratively painted phone made my conversations as a teen all that more fun! Not to mention lifted my spirits on those long cold Ohio winter days.


As a teen that loved art, music, culture, and fashion, you could find me reading art and fashion magazines from Italy and France. 

Anyone ever heard of TAXI design magazine or Elle Decor Italia? 

That was where I would get lost. Taking in the newest art, fashion and design, trying to blaze a path of new or cutting edge art or fashion in small town America. I believed that I was a trend setter. I shopped at different places than most of my friends. Our closest mall was thirty miles away so you can imagine what an event it was for me to go. My favorite stores in the eighties were Express and Banana Republic and you could find me wearing K Swiss tennies and Jordache Jeans, with a swatch watch on a casual day.  I was cool! Lol. 😎 

As well you could find an assortment of Monet, Ansel Adams, and Escher artwork gracing my walls, along with my own work.

( I tried to locate a photo of one of my earliest works but it is MIA right now. It was inspired by Monet)

I would dream of the day that I would travel the world, paint amazing pieces of fine art, design my own fashions and interior decor. I would often day dream of strolling through Rome, Florence, or Paris and painting plein-air on the squares or Tuscan countryside. 

I reflect back on those dreams and think ‘did they float away on the wind of dandelion fluff?'


How has thirty years gone by?  

I joyfully can say that those dreams are still alive and well today, thirty years later. 

The beautiful thing about that is that the dandelion fluff is actually seeds being carried on the wind only to land and be planted again. 

Metaphorically my dreams may have been carried away by the winds of life for a time but I can say that the seed is still very much in my heart and growing into fullness and maturity.

Paint, dreams and dandelion fluff….isn’t that what life is made up of and isn’t it what keeps us going some days?  

Funny how some things come back around as your deepest desires decades later. 

I am now seeing the fruit of my labor over the last several years and my dreams coming to life. I don’t believe that God would have given me these gifts and talents along with the desires only to leave me hanging. It is up to me to continue to cultivate my gifts, connections and dreams, showing Him that He can trust me with what He has for me. He won’t give it to me if I don’t want it nor if I’m not working for it. 

Dionne White art blog paint


At this point in my life I am painting for purpose, painting for joy, painting for peace and helping others along the way. I will continue to paint and create collections that magnify the Promise and Glorify God. 

It is still a great desire of mine to have my own line of fabric and branded high end items one day, allowing me to cross over into the design or fashion world. All derived from my painting inspirations.

Even more importantly, I have to ask myself, who has He given me my gifts and talents for? 

Myself and Him of course, but what about the others that I am cultivating my gifts for? 

Those that He will put in my path to bless, to teach, to inspire, encourage, and empower. Too often times we think about ourselves and how our gifts can serve us and bring us wealth. There are others that need you to cultivate and use your gifts! You may be the only one who reaches their heart. You may be the answer to their dreams or more importantly prayers. Maybe the wealth you gain from your gifts and talents are supposed to help fund charities or an orphanage? Whatever the case, we were made to learn and glean from others, then pour it back out.  


I have to ask myself, Am I falling short in using my gift to serve others.? 

Mini Masterpiece Monday

I recently started an online painting class on Mondays over at my Dionne White Art facebook page. It’s been some time since I taught and I am loving it, actually I crave it.