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Expand your Secret Place

 I wanted to share with you some ways I incorporate the intimacy with God into all the areas of my life. Today the focus is on physical and mental wellness which affects everything else we put our hands to. First off, our relationship with God is ongoing but we must be intentional at cultivating it. Just as you would a relationship with a friend, spouse or child. What does this look like? Some of you may get a picture of church, others may see yourself on your knees praying, or it may simply be taking a walk and talking with Him. I do all of the above. But as I proceeded to my “yoga” mat (don’t let that fool ya) I continued with what I started in my conversation chair with Him. I like to sit, look out the window, pray, read and meditate with my journal to document my “heart thoughts”. ❤️🤔. I usually have some sort of meditative music on, preferably Christian in nature. Today I was listening and worshiping with Aeron Brown on The Father’s House Album. I left the music playing, rolled out my mat and began to take a child’s pose. (How appropriate for Aeron’s childlike songs) I laid there breathing in and out as I listened to the words of the songs and felt I was breathing in the very breath of God. I proceeded to cobra pose opening myself to The One I worship and love. Letting Him be the Glory and Lifter of my head. Breathing and releasing.... Then I proceeded to cat/cow pose, back rising and falling with the stretch and breath. Moving to downward dog feeling the stretch and power in my arms and legs. All while still hearing the Heavenly Declarations Of Aeron’s songs. Feeling stronger and at peace each moment. Repeating that pattern then moving into sun salutations and warrior pose! Reaching Up and Out to my Creator, My God, My Friend. Setting my mind on things above and believing all He says about me. Feeling confident, strong and at such peace. THIS is what it is about! I was taking care of His temple and He Met me there on my mat. He is with us always. But I made a intentional choice to invite Him in and focus on Him and His words. Expand your secret place! Intentionally Invite Him into everything you do! He does not disappoint and He withholds no good thing from you! By Dionne White 

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

“I am seated in High places With my God I can leap over walls!” -Aeron Brown #secretplace #heavenlydeclarations #theartistlife #breathereleasereceive #histemple #aeronbrownmusic #thefathershousealbum Aeron Brown #dionnewhiteblog