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Creating Atmosphere

As I was preparing for Mini Masterpiece Monday, Week 8, I searched out and studied my subject. I had chosen an image from my good friend and photographer Denny Miller. (With his permission) The Coneflower, also known as Echinacea, stuck out like a solo performer with its bright colors against a blurred out background.

I quieted myself to focus on composition and color, deciding just how I would recreate the image. The image began to “speak” to me. I know it sounds a little strange but I believe it is just a part of the listening part of my craft. My intuitive process kicks in greatly when I become quiet and tune my senses to the task at hand.

Besides listening, I also look to see how I can teach this piece to my viewers and online students.

I try to break down the painting process into practical steps and analogies to help lose the intimidation factor and help them paint step by step from a place of connection. Ultimately resulting in them creating a piece of art from my insight and fine art instruction but encouraging them to use their own creative spin.