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"TAP" to create

It is the first day of summer break and I am sitting at my kitchen island trying to put my schedule together for June and July. This room is currently my kitchen, art studio, dining room, living room and bedroom. Yep my bedroom.

I feel like June started without me because of what recently happened here at the "White House".

A very large white oak tree fell on our home at 11:30 pm on Memorial Day, waking myself and my children out of a restful sleep. The tree had to be about one hundred and twenty five feet tall, with three trunk bases in one. It was HUGE and it fell on our home. Thankfully we are ok. The house, not so much.

I feel as if I have lost weeks of productive studio and business time due to this incident. Our home is disoriented and so am I. I have had to temporarily cancel Mini Masterpiece Monday and put my interviews for my podcast on hold, not to mention pausing my current painting projects. Trying to create and live in one room with four people makes you a bit stir crazy. So slowly we are putting our home and life back together to get back on track. Persevering and moving forward!

I highly dislike this feeling of being displaced or disoriented. Life is still very good, don't get me wrong. But it challenges your spirit and ability to thrive, as well as messes with you mentally. I am firmly rooted and grounded in my faith, no doubt about it, but it shook me a bit and has taken me a week to really get my head back in the game.

So why the title "TAP" to create?