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Finding the abstract in creation

As a realistic representational painter, it has been a challenge for me to understand abstract art over the years. I am coming to understand it more and more and what it says about the artist. Or should I say, what the artist is trying to say or express through their art. I believe this not only has come from viewing and studying a many pieces of art but also by getting to know the person.

Whether that be personally or simply by reading about the artist.

(Image above : Layers of waves from the tide at sunrise creating a geometric abstrace scene)

Our lives as can tell us so much about what we are passionate about, plagued by and then produce. As I have put my hand to attempting to create abstract art a bit, as well as continue to educate myself on this form of art, I am beginning to understand it more and more. The simple act of being mindful in my everyday life has helped me to be more aware of how abstract of a world we live in. Mindfulness has aided in helping me slow down, take notice, and even stop for a moment to experience and understand the beautiful creations around us.